Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!

Kohl’s really nailed it with their holiday ad from Christmas 2020, and now they’re back with an adorable new commercial that might just make you grin from ear to ear. Check it out…

This commercial was shot in Burbank, CA, more specifically at the address: 721 North Orchard Drive. The market value of the home is around $1 million. This link should take you to Google street view so you can pan around to see the rest of the neighborhood.

The grumpy delivery guy is perfectly portrayed by actor Michael King. His sly smile at the end is the perfect way to wrap up the commercial! His reel can be seen here.

The young actress who gives so much personality to the ad is Liliana Bonilla. She is perfect for this ad, showing such joy and spreading that to the neighbors (and the grouchy delivery guy 🙂 ) who pass by.

The song playing as the soundtrack to this ad is “Sunny Side of the Street” by Jon Batiste. The full version is below.

Check out Michael King on Instagram (@MikeKingJr).

Liliana Bonilla is also on Instagram (@LilyFashion0202).

More of Jon Batiste’s music can be found on his YouTube channel here.

Also check out more behind the scenes and background info of popular ads on my TV Commercials page here.

Did you like the ad? Comment below and thanks for stopping by!

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74 thoughts on “Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!

  1. My husband and I have always adored the commercial it’s so sweet but lately when we see it on TV they have cut the delivery man out of the commercial all you see are his legs and him holding packages. They cut his face off and we just didn’t understand why they did that. The whole point of the commercial was she was trying to bring some cheer to his day (as well as others) and they completely cut him out and the reason why she’s doing it.

  2. Absolutely love this ad! That girl steals the show just with her smile alone! Please play the entire ad though, it is best with the deletions left in! It should be a movie !!! It’s the only ad I don’t mute because it makes me happy to watch and listen to. Perfect for the time we are in right now, just what we need! An adorable girl doing something good for other people for a change, how unique!

  3. Please bring back the original commercial. It was the best commercial until you cut it short and left out the best parts.

  4. What on earth is wrong with you people. Taking out the elderly couple AND THE POSTMAN. He and the little girl were the STARS of this commercial. I sent everyone I know the link to see that commercial including a friend in hospital. Made EVERYONR smile. I’m not shopping g st Kohl’s til he’s back in the ad

  5. Put the postman back
    In shame on you. Why was he cut out of the commercial. This makes me not want to shop at Kohl’s 😡

  6. You ruined it by removing the joy of the delivery driver. Why would you do that? No more Kohls for this family. Just cut up my card.


    1. Agreed! You get a great commercial and they dismantle it!
      This was put together creatively. The message is clear and good at a time we need “ well and good”
      I’m discussed they changed it and cut the entire message!
      Now it is a unorganized thought!
      Please put it back as original.
      Why “ fix if it isn’t broken? They even cut the delivery actors face right out! That’s poor business! (And don’t give me racist crap! Racism is in those who keep making it an issue!
      Kids aren’t born that way. They love other little ones. Parents teach it! They need the instruction!)
      Put the meaning back in that commercial.

      1. they totally cut the delivery man out of the hopscotch bit. That was the best part! We smiled every time that ad was shown – at a time when we all need reasons to smile. Please use the original, uncut version!!

    2. I love the commercial. The way she smiles at the end of it just makes me smile. Itsya great commercial.

      1. I love this commercial! Love this little girl! She nails it!
        She will be a star someday!!! She is a class act! Her smile melts you!!! Great job using her! Great commercial!

  8. I do not like the commercial now.
    The best part is left off. I used to look forward to the delivery man.
    Now I do not watch the whole commercial. Why did you shorten it.

  9. Bring back the original commercial. The best part has been removed. Miss the older couple and the delivery man and his smirk is priceless. Don’t mess up a happy ending!

    1. I agree. The best part is left off.
      Bring back the original.
      I do not like the commercial now.
      Bring back the postman.

  10. Absolutely wonderful Ad….brings a smile to my face every time it comes on…

  11. Ok!!! Very unhappy right now!! Why have they cut the Kohl’s hopscotch commercial short? Don’t like it at all! This commercial made me smile & laugh every time I saw it! I would here the music come on & wait for the little girl & delivery guy to look at each other! Him with his grumpy attitude & her smile! Trying to figure out a way to get him smile! And she did! They cut the best parts of the commercial out!! The whole commercial was great the way it was!! Why mess with perfection! Loved playing hopscotch when I was a kid! Bring back the original commercial!!

    1. I agree !! Was perfect the way it was he made it !! Bring him back. I don’t shop at kohl’s don’t even get the connect but it’s a simple moment if Yester year bring him back

  12. They have taken a very cute commercial and ruined it with their “woke” attitude. They have cut the end off and no more mailman. It now ends differently. I’ve seen it 5 times today and it has been changed. Good bye Kohl’s !

  13. This ad is pure genius. Liliana is PRECIOUS and the cutest little angel ever. The ad makes me want to shop at Kohl’s. This ad makes people love Kohl’s and want to shop there

    1. I love the ad…wherever I am in the house, if I hear the music, I rush to the tv to watch…Liliana is precious…beautiful, heartfelt expressions are perfect. Not sure if it was shortened as a budget cut. But would love to see the full ad…the senior couple reliving memories and the delivery man’s smirky smile that let Liliana know she had impressed even him with her happy, caring personality.

  14. Absolutely adore the little girl and the entire ad. What a ray of sunshine in this crazy mixed up world. Best commercial on TV ever. Thank you Kohl’s for bringing us a smile!

  15. I LOVE this commercial, it’s the most genuinely heartwarming ad I have ever seen. Thanks for the kindness Kohl’s! ❤️

  16. This is the best commercial ever. We need more like this. Makes me smile and laugh every time I see it.

  17. This commercial is more entertaining than most shows. Watching Good Witch and this commercial gives me hope. Should be played in your stores

  18. Great commercial. Uplifting. Kudos to everyone involved in it’s production. Miss Lilliana has a bright future.

  19. Absolutely the best commercial ever! I stop to watch it every time it comes on. The delivery man and young girl are perfect and just make it so fun to watch. It is a wholesome, sweet, uplifting commercial that can run from now on. I wish it would. I hope Kohl’s is reading this! Way to go! You knocked it out of the park with this one!!!! 😊😊😊

    1. The last few times I’ve seen the commercial this weekend, the mailman and the older couple have been removed.

      1. I wonder if they shortened it because its nearing the end of this spring ad campaign? It’s too bad they removed the mail man, his smile at the end is the perfect way to conclude the ad.

  20. I really, really enjoy this commercial. Whenever it comes on, I stop what I’m doing, then watch and listen. Sometimes I’ll play it back, just to hear it again. It’s a great pick-me-up to these Covid times we’re living. We need to pause and enjoy something beautiful when it comes along!

  21. Love this ad. I usually don’t watch them but this makes me smile every time I watch it. The little girl is beyond cute and love the end with the mailman. Actually all the people in it add to the whole effect.

    1. This commercial is the best one since covid19 started. It also makes me smile and Liliana is the best. Always makes me smile too. Kohls did a great job.

    2. I hate ads but this one I love it is genius. It leaves me smiling and happy.we need happy. I love kohls and they did a wonderful job.

  22. in a time of puzzling and stupid commercials (Liberty) the hopscotch ad is the best. Love the girl, LOVE the mailman!

    1. I still think his (the mailman) look at the very end is the what makes this commercial so great. Of course, just him doing the hopscotch is hilarous, but his little grin afterwards is perfect. Kohl’s advertises a mood (and clothing) without having to tell us brands, prices, etc. It’s really well done.

  23. Our favorite commercial on tv. Could watch it over and over again. We don’t see it anymore. WHY?

    1. I’m with you. So refreshing for a change. Thank you for those who put this wholesome and inspiring commercial together. I nominate this as the best commercial of the decade!!!!!

  24. I absolutely love this Kohl’s commercial and what Michael King brings to it. His rather solemn demeanor is quickly upgraded 2 a more positive look. Maybe all we need in this world is a simple gesture of kindness and sidewalks full of hopscotch. Great job Kohl’s.

  25. I am almost 90 years old, but I still remember playing hopscotch. This commercial brings back many wonderful memories. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every time I see it.

  26. Love this commercial! The beautiful young lady with the beautiful smile is perfect. Her looks and smile really made it. Don’t loose her, she is the future. I am a fan !

  27. I just can’t get enough of this ad and song. I just have to have a copy of this song. Can anyone tell me how I could get it. I find myself singing it over and over.

  28. What a great Kohls commercial. Liliana is perfect. There is such connection between this little girl and those who walk her sidewalk. The package deliverer and she just have such positive chemistry. Liliana just makes everyone smile. The commercial is simple and effective. We all need some inspiration to genuinely smile. The commercial does just that. Thank you Kohls. Continue to run the commercial.

  29. Best commercial on TV. I keep running it back to play over and over. The neighborhood looks so idyllic and diverse and all the actors nailed it. It is just a feel good commercial.

    1. I kove this commercial!!! Every time I see it, I smile…makes my day!! Liliana is SO adorable and Michael King completes the charm from Liliana. Best commercial I’ve seen in forever!!!

  30. I’m sitting in Minnesota, watching this precious ad, day after day, and thinking to myself…that’s my home! That’s Burbank! I was born and raised there and my childhood home is 3 miles from there on Reese and Tulare. So glad that someone confirmed where this was! Be still, oh my heart!

  31. Love this commercial the actors make it all real love the little girl her smile it’s all so real. Thank you for making me smile and bringing a tear to my eyes too. Kohl’s you have done a great job especially during these trying times.

  32. Thanks, this aid made be happy again, thanks for showing all kinds of people,you nailed it!!!
    I sing it all day long, what a song can do.

  33. I absolutely love this commercial. I laugh out loud every time . i love all the actors. The little girl has a beautiful smile. The whole ad is so joyful.

    1. Best commercial ever. Lilliana is perfect and so beautiful. This is one of the very few commercials today that is worth every minute of watching. I usually turn the stupid ones off. KUDOS !

  34. I love the joy and happiness in this commercial, to the point of looking it up! Liliana Bonilla is so adorable. She does a great job of spreading that kindness!!

  35. This is by far THE BEST commercial on TV!!!!! It makes me smile, makes me feel good, just warms my heart!!! With all the negative stuff going on in our world, this brings back the good, sweet, wholesome, delightful aspects of life…. Thank you Kohls, you nailed it with this commercial and I definitely will continue to shop at your store.

  36. Every time I see the add, it makes me smile and teary eyed! The world needs more of these and the little girl Lilliana Bonilla is adorable..

  37. Absolutely love, love, love the hopscotch ad. I’m 89 years old and oh, how I remember hopscotching in front of my house!! Thanks for the memories!~!

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