Top Christmas Commercials

Now…. NOW it’s perfectly fine to share Christmas commercials. Thanksgiving has come and gone so it’s time to air those Christmas ads, sell Christmas decor in the stores, turn on Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole! I can’t wait for the lights, the holiday commercials, the holi—– wait, what’s that!? You’ve already seen Christmas stuffContinue reading “Top Christmas Commercials”

Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!

Kohl’s really nailed it with their holiday ad from Christmas 2020, and now they’re back with an adorable new commercial that might just make you grin from ear to ear. Check it out… This commercial was shot in Burbank, CA, more specifically at the address: 721 North Orchard Drive. The market value of the homeContinue reading “Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!”