Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson’s neck…

HelloOoOo and thanks for reading my blog today. I post every day at 1pm central about all kinds of things from dating to TV commercials. Today’s is about a movie trailer that’s been airing the last few weeks. Black Adam stars the one-and-only Dwayne Johnson. Here’s the trailer… I’ll admit they trailer is well-done andContinue reading “Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson’s neck…”

Zoa Energy Drink commercial is one of my new favorites! Plus, who sings the song??

Dwayne Johnson backs a new energy drink brand called Zoa, and while I can’t vouch for the flavor or the safety of drinking it, I CAN say the ad might stick in your mind for a while. Take a look.  It’s 100% the music that keeps this ad fresh on my mind. If you’re strugglingContinue reading “Zoa Energy Drink commercial is one of my new favorites! Plus, who sings the song??”

The royals and the religious

Every time they’re in the news, I wonder why I need to care about the goings-on of the royal family? Recently, there was an Oprah interview of Harry and Meghan, former royalty, with a slew of “bombshell” revelations about the entire family, etc. I’ll even go back to the royal wedding (check out my 2018Continue reading “The royals and the religious”

Favorite non-Elvis, Elvis performances

In honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday (tomorrow, Jan 8th), I thought I’d compile a short list of performances that have stuck with me over the years. These are from movies, YouTube, and TV, and feature songs made famous by Elvis. I’ll just be honest, they’re mostly “Can’t Help Falling in Love” performances, except for thisContinue reading “Favorite non-Elvis, Elvis performances”

Furious 7 and the U

If you have the chance to watch Furious 7, do it. The movie is action-packed and it’s quite remarkable how they kept Paul Walker in the entire film, even up to the very last scene, though he died halfway through production. I wish I read the IMDB trivia before I watched, it would’ve made theContinue reading “Furious 7 and the U”