New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…

This week I’ve been taking new photos. While driving around Tallahassee, Florida, I got some shots of buildings, birds, and can I just say this: there are so many trees in this city! Most of my favorite photos are organized into galleries which you can access here. Once you’re there, look for galleries like BWContinue reading “New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…”

Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson’s neck…

HelloOoOo and thanks for reading my blog today. I post every day at 1pm central about all kinds of things from dating to TV commercials. Today’s is about a movie trailer that’s been airing the last few weeks. Black Adam stars the one-and-only Dwayne Johnson. Here’s the trailer… I’ll admit they trailer is well-done andContinue reading “Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson’s neck…”

Photos Before and After, My Favorites

Hello and thanks for coming by today. I love to write so I’m very glad you clicked over! I post every day at 1pm central. I also love taking photos (take a look at my galleries here). With photos, just like with words, there’s some editing that goes on with the original image. Every onceContinue reading “Photos Before and After, My Favorites”

Paddleboarding in the Ocean

I don’t know if I’m crazy or psycho. The truth is, there’s always a secret third option— nuts. That’s me and it definitely applies in this particular instance… paddleboarding. I prefer it over kayaking, although when I camp, I bring a kayak. During a recent family vacation, I asked my dad if I could returnContinue reading “Paddleboarding in the Ocean”

Camping in the Keys, a Recap

Gosh, I forgot how much I love astrophotography. Well, I mean, it’s not the bugs and bites I enjoy so much, but the resulting pictures mesmerize me. I’m currently in a park with very little (if any) light pollution so I thought it would be a great spot to get some photos. And let meContinue reading “Camping in the Keys, a Recap”