Lake sunset in Nashville, Tennessee

I went over to Percy Priest Lake the other day around sunset for a couple of reasons. It was a not-freezing-our-butts-off day so I had to get out and do SOMEthing. If you didn’t know, Nashville (and the south) had a crazy cold, snowy week that seemed to last a year. It was picturesque allContinue reading “Lake sunset in Nashville, Tennessee”

Creating time-lapse videos

Lately I’ve been on a time-lapse kick with my GoPro. Not sure why I’m obsessed with them right now but I am. I’ve recorded a lot of clouds, shadows, and a few other things. The settings I observed that work best are as follows: Device: GoPro Hero3 Clouds: 1 pic every 5 seconds Shadows: 1Continue reading “Creating time-lapse videos”