The Toyota Christmas Commercial – The Music and the Car

Toyota has a Christmas commercial airing just in time for the big day. No, I’m not talking about my birthday (which IS coming up, by the way 😉 ), it’s Christmas! In less than a week, people all over the world will be celebrating with presents and singing and lots of happiness. But until thatContinue reading “The Toyota Christmas Commercial – The Music and the Car”

Brand NEW butterfly artwork!

I spent way too much time working on an image after being inspired by a product ad on Facebook. There were these cool little light fixtures in the shape of animals and inside were forest scenes, Christmas lights, and color. It’s probably easier to just show you the ad… Those are physical things in theContinue reading “Brand NEW butterfly artwork!”

New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!

Hello there! I’ve enjoyed so much taking photos in the last 12 months since I got a new Sony camera. One of the first photos with this camera was taken while I sat around a fire on a cold wintery day in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, I’ve taken the camera almost everywhere I go andContinue reading “New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!”