Pictures of things that have no idea there is a pandemic happening

I love that nature pretty much knows only one thing. Be. Just be. Eat. Grow. Go about their God-given business. These pictures are from the Mill Creek greenway in Nashville, Tennessee. Piper and Asia appear courtesy of their management, “Beagles’R’Us”. IMG_20200401_095103IMG_20200401_095305IMG_20200401_100020IMG_20200401_101032IMG_20200401_101426IMG_20200401_101655IMG_20200401_102239IMG_20200401_102248IMG_20200401_102321IMG_20200401_102326IMG_20200401_102327IMG_20200401_102720IMG_20200401_102739IMG_20200401_102959

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-Out of the Wilderness

Spring Is Here!

I recently noticed the leaves on the trees in my backyard.

Spring is here!

One tree has a bunch of spinny things that float down to the ground. Another has some tiny green leaves. This weekend I will mow my grass.

Spring is here!

Television stations are airing finales and cueing up the re-runs. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining overhead.

All this means one thing: Baseball is boring. And Spring is here!

Put down your Wii controllers and pick up a tennis racket. Turn off American Idol and go take a walk under the stars!

Spring is here… and the NFL draft already happened!