The Accenture Robo-Dog Commercial – The Music and More!

We can all use more dogs in our lives, right? Even if they’re robots, give us all the dogs! In 2022, there was this KIA commercial with an adorable e-pup (if we can call it that?). Now Accenture has an electronic canine for us to adore… The Music. The soundtrack for this is a songContinue reading “The Accenture Robo-Dog Commercial – The Music and More!”

That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!

Head, body, toes, her whole self went through the dinette slide-out window! From storms to fireworks, she gets scared rather quickly and this particular event was a day or two after New Year’s. Above my head, the dinette window is a couple of feet up, so for her to jump was quite a feat. ItContinue reading “That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!”

One More Sleep, Pups

A song I enjoy listening to during the Christmas holiday is “One More Sleep” by Leona Lewis. Since we’re in December I thought I’d share a few pics of my dogs resting, sleeping, or waiting. Waiting, as you can see this first picture. This pup is Asia and she is very snuggly but also veryContinue reading “One More Sleep, Pups”

Do dogs know when they’re getting old?

I was petting and snuggling with my dogs the other day and thinking about when Piper the beagle was a puppy. This was before we got Asia the mix heeler beagle. So many afternoons Piper and I would run around the back yard chasing each other. Barking, tussling, play fighting. It’s been a few yearsContinue reading “Do dogs know when they’re getting old?”