Does this count as teasing my dogs?

While I was out running a thousand errands, I stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up dog food. As you know, almost anything you get from a warehouse store like Sam’s is going to be enough food to feed a pack of dogs for a year, so I loaded up dog food for my twoContinue reading “Does this count as teasing my dogs?”

How many photos are saved on your phone?

I’m getting a new phone soon! That’s good news, right? It’s always fun to get a new piece of tech. The deal I got includes trading in my old phone, an LG Stylo 6. Also, side note, did you know LG isn’t making phones anymore? I was informed of this when I went in toContinue reading “How many photos are saved on your phone?”

I’m losing my faith in people.

The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs. I’ve heard this phrase over the years, and Carrie Underwood even has a song about it… My most recent experience that makes me love my dogs more was at a bank. I was second in line to deposit some cash and there was onlyContinue reading “I’m losing my faith in people.”

“Trust must be earned” – a story about a mischievous beagle!

I’ve had a beagle for nearly 12 years and without exaggeration I can say… she hasn’t quite earned my trust yet! I mean, look at that death stare in the featured photo (Piper the beagle is on the right). She is definitely thinking about mischievous things. She is adorable, has the cutest face, the mostContinue reading ““Trust must be earned” – a story about a mischievous beagle!”

Decluttering – the best thing I’ve started doing in the past few weeks!

I can’t even begin to explain how satisfying it is to declutter! Except, well, here I am beginning to explain it. I wrote recently about reuniting with childhood stuffed animals and how some are going to be rehomed, while others will stay with me because I just can’t say goodbye. But y’all, I am turningContinue reading “Decluttering – the best thing I’ve started doing in the past few weeks!”