Meow Mix Commercial with Country Music Cats

These cats deserve a country album right meow! Check out this ad that aired during the 2020 CMA Awards. Quite hilarious, and laughter is exactly what our country needs at this particular meowment in time. -Out of the Wilderness

Can animals sin?

Cute little chipmunks. Big bad bears. Loyal dogs. Playful dolphins.Do creatures like these have the ability to sin? I’m not sure why the question popped into my mind yesterday while I was hand-washing dishes. I believe people are born sinners, and God provided a way out because this sin needs to be accounted for. IContinue reading “Can animals sin?”

It’ll drive you out of your mind… poison!

I must have a sign on my forehead that says, “doesn’t have enough problems”… as if being short wasn’t enough! Yes, I wish I was a little bit taller, but I really, really wish I’d see poison ivy before I touch it. And then proceed to touch my ear. My eye. My other ear. ButContinue reading “It’ll drive you out of your mind… poison!”

Does He Like You? 15 Ways To Find Out

Everyone wants to know if the guy or girl they are interested in shares the same vibe. As a guy, I’ve learned (mostly the hard way) some ways we show interest. There are many ways, but here are a few. If the guy you like is doing any of these things, then there’s a chanceContinue reading “Does He Like You? 15 Ways To Find Out”