The Farmer’s Dog Commercial – The Surprising Music and More!

Holy moly, I’m going to try getting through this post without crying but if you’ve seen this commercial, you already know that’s a fool’s errand. There were teams trying score more points than each other, but the Farmer’s Dog wins the Super Bowl this year. Here’s the fantastic commercial, then scroll down for more info…Continue reading “The Farmer’s Dog Commercial – The Surprising Music and More!”

Chevy’s Funny Cat Commercial – The Music, The Blowfish, and More!

During the Olympics coverage recently I saw a great Chevy advertisement. It wasn’t so much the Sliverado that made it great, it was man’s best friend that took gold in this ad. *For the new Silverado Trail Boss ad featuring Walter the cat, click here* Wait, a cat is man’s best friend!? That’s up forContinue reading “Chevy’s Funny Cat Commercial – The Music, The Blowfish, and More!”

I Almost Dated A Woman Who Has 3 Cats

Everything was coming up roses until it was discovered she had not one cat, not two cats, but three whole cats! Can you even imagine? OK, OK, to be clear, I have nothing against cats or the people that love them. In fact, my neighbor has a cat and I kind of like her aContinue reading “I Almost Dated A Woman Who Has 3 Cats”

Meow Mix Commercial with Country Music Cats

These cats deserve a country album right meow! Check out this ad that aired during the 2020 CMA Awards. Quite hilarious, and laughter is exactly what our country needs at this particular meowment in time. -Out of the Wilderness

Can animals sin?

Cute little chipmunks. Big bad bears. Loyal dogs. Playful dolphins.Do creatures like these have the ability to sin? I’m not sure why the question popped into my mind yesterday while I was hand-washing dishes. I believe people are born sinners, and God provided a way out because this sin needs to be accounted for. IContinue reading “Can animals sin?”