Big Sky Episode 3 Music – Airdate 10/14/2021

If you’re watching Big Sky, you already know they usually have great music as the soundtrack for each episode. Here are the tracks from season 2 episode 3. “Winning” Mpax & Derrick the Director feat. That Chicc “Expectations” Stacey Randol “Dr. Feelgood” Motley Crue Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness

Big Sky – The Music From Season 2 Episode 2

Big Sky is back with another entertaining including a great soundtrack for the second installment of drama in season 2. Not quite as many songs as episode 1 (click here for that playlist), but nonetheless, I think the win goes to Jenny Hoyt, who’s wardrobe was another nod to legendary music. She wore a shirtContinue reading “Big Sky – The Music From Season 2 Episode 2”

Big Sky – Music from Season 2 Episode 1

*Episode 2 music is posted here* *Episode 3 music is posted here* The season 2 opener for Big Sky packs a wallop of intrigue into a couple of storylines. Of course, there’s Ronald, but the budding story of the car crash/murder/money already has me hooked. Along with the return of the characters we love, thisContinue reading “Big Sky – Music from Season 2 Episode 1”

The Music from Big Sky’s Season 1 Finale (air date 5/18/2021)

Big Sky is one of the best, if not THE best show on TV right now. This is thanks in part to the acting, of course, but how about the music? Songs always seem to be perfectly placed in the scenes. I’ve written about past episodes which you can check at the bottom of thisContinue reading “The Music from Big Sky’s Season 1 Finale (air date 5/18/2021)”

The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)

*Check out music from Episode 15 here* Episode 14 was the coming out party for Margaret Kleinsasser but no spoilers here. Great episode and a great tease for episode 15. Meanwhile, the only song in the episode not created specifically for the show came about 57 minutes in. It happens to be one of myContinue reading “The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)”