Big Sky has turned into a big disappointment

I was one of those people fully onboard for ABC’s Big Sky. Season one was really good with a mix of drama, humor, and mystery. They had a villain we loved to hate (actually, two villains with Ronald and Rick Legarski). The chase for Ronald had me tuning in every episode, even when season one was split in half with quite a bit of time between the two halves. On top of that, I enjoyed finding out what music was used in each episode.

Then season two came along and I was mostly giddy with expectation. Where’s Ronald? Will they finally track him down and be able to keep him custody? Was the second half of season one just a fluke? You might be wondering what I’m talking about with that comment. Well, when they came back to finish season one, there was another storyline introduced, taking us away from the undivided attention on Ronald. It was weird. It was weird and rather uninteresting. This new storyline was about a random family with major issues, and no one who was likable. It was not a good part of season one.

So back to season two… Ronald is still out there, now kept captive by Rick Legarski’s odd brother Wolfgang. This is where I’ve almost lost all interest in the show. The storyline going in this direction, with Ronald in some home tucked away in a forest is just weird. And they introduced another storyline that has some interesting things going on, I guess, but it’s just not enough to keep my attention much longer.

Along with the weird direction they took Ronald’s story, the series is doing what it did in season one for season two – taking a few weeks (or a month? I never know when it’s back on TV) off for a reason I haven’t figured out. Plus it used to be on Tuesdays, then it switched to Thursdays, and just last week there was something tied into the live shows of Different Strokes and Facts of Life. I didn’t care to figure it out because like I said before, I’m just not interested enough anymore to keep following along with the constantly changing calendar and the random storylines.

From what I can see, ratings are on the decline and in last night’s episode (which I didn’t watch because I had no idea it was on!), it was at the bottom of the list, only having a higher rating than a couple of shows on the CW. Not something to brag about.

So my guess is the show will be going away sometime in 2022… as in, cancelled. Unless they get things going with Ronald again, and with that some drama and action, it might be best for us to disconnect ourselves from the show and any characters we’ve grown to like, then find something more interesting to watch.

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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