She married the right guy

Hello! Every once in a while I have these personal and possibly life-changing thoughts and I can’t not share them. This is one of those thoughts. I was thinking the other day about a woman I dated many years ago. Our relationship was somewhat rocky, if I’m being honest, but when it was good itContinue reading “She married the right guy”

I always hurt you

I had a very vivid dream about an ex-girlfriend recently. This is the first dream I pinched myself, during the dream, specifically just to make sure it was real. It’s just so crazy to me how real dreams can be. She and I were standing in a parking garage and I thought to myself, “ThisContinue reading “I always hurt you”

Going to the chapel and they’re, gonna get married…

…going to the chapel of love. A remarkable thing happened the other day when I was out to lunch with a friend. Well, actually, my being social is kind of remarkable on its own, but then ANOTHER remarkable thing happened. During lunch I found out an ex-girlfriend is now married. Her name came up inContinue reading “Going to the chapel and they’re, gonna get married…”

An old “love” letter I never sent

The word love is in quotes because the letter is hardly about love. I’m referring to a letter I wrote to a woman (or rather I letter I wrote in my journal, addressed to a woman) I was dating at the time. At the time, I thought I would transcribe it to a loose sheetContinue reading “An old “love” letter I never sent”

A couple of new (to me) phrases I absolutely love

Every now and then there are phrases, quotes, or lyric that just stick with me. This post lists a few of those. The first is from a favorite song, it’s Passenger “Sword From The Stone.” Any horses running worth getting on? The question is meant to inquire about time and effort. What is it thatContinue reading “A couple of new (to me) phrases I absolutely love”