I Almost Dated A Woman Who Has 3 Cats

Everything was coming up roses until it was discovered she had not one cat, not two cats, but three whole cats! Can you even imagine? OK, OK, to be clear, I have nothing against cats or the people that love them. In fact, my neighbor has a cat and I kind of like her aContinue reading “I Almost Dated A Woman Who Has 3 Cats”

The one where I almost burned a house down

I bought a fire pit years ago excited to use it in the fall months here in Nashville. There’s something pacifying about sitting around a fire, with or without s’mores. It’s about being outside. Very caveman-like, really. Me start fire. Fire warm. Me sit. cave person I haven’t used the square metal contraption yet thisContinue reading “The one where I almost burned a house down”

Every day is green day

I have two dogs. A beagle and a pot head. There. I said it. One of my dogs is hooked on marijuana. Worse yet, I’m her dealer! That’s right. The other day I slipped a few drops of CBD oil into my pup’s dinner and now she’s the black sheep of the family. I hopeContinue reading “Every day is green day”

That little booger! A story about allergies.

Have any of y’all ever heard of someone who gets away with something as a “booger”? In my mind it’s usually a grandchild who does something slightly outside the rules and a grandparent says, “You little booger!” That’s the way I hear it in my head, at least. Well, today… the saying means something totallyContinue reading “That little booger! A story about allergies.”

The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher

This match features The Stallion (me) vs. Pollen the Punisher (yes, pollen is a worthy enemy). It’s a no holds barred event in middle Tennessee that happens twice a year and so far, Pollen the Punisher is… Kicking. My. Butt. Pollen the Punisher is kind of predictable, showing up to the ring at the sameContinue reading “The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher”