Do I have to eat it, too?

I’ve stuck to a vegan diet for many years now and I’ve adopted a silly approach to some food. Usually it’s a dessert, to be honest. Because the tasty treats usually have dairy/eggs, I won’t eat them and I’m totally fine with that. Those aren’t the foods I miss the most (pizza is #1). SoContinue reading “Do I have to eat it, too?”

Richland Park Farmer’s Market – Nashville, Tennessee

Happy Sunday, y’all! I hope you’re having a splendid weekend wherever you are. Mine started off so well when I joined a few friends at a farmer’s market in Nashville, more specifically the one at Richland Park off of Charlotte Avenue. Anyone who knew me growing up knows I can be a picky eater andContinue reading “Richland Park Farmer’s Market – Nashville, Tennessee”

Happy burp taste to you

One evening I kept burping and it tasted like the Beyond Burgers I had for dinner that night. Happy burp tastes is what that was. Have you tried the Beyond Burger, plant-based patties that taste very much like the burgers you are used to? I highly recommend them. Not only are they yummy on theContinue reading “Happy burp taste to you”

SpaghettiOs with meatballs, and Chris Burke from Life Goes On

As a vegan, the meatballs in SpaghettiOs are a spaghettiNoNo but in a dream recently, I had eaten a whole bowl! I specifically remember as I scooped the last spoonful thinking, I just gave up years of not eating meat*… but did this bowl have meatballs or did I heat up the original SpagettiOs (noContinue reading “SpaghettiOs with meatballs, and Chris Burke from Life Goes On”