The Accenture Robo-Dog Commercial – The Music and More!

We can all use more dogs in our lives, right? Even if they’re robots, give us all the dogs! In 2022, there was this KIA commercial with an adorable e-pup (if we can call it that?). Now Accenture has an electronic canine for us to adore…

The Music. The soundtrack for this is a song called “Dreaming” by Blondie. Here’s the full track…

As much as this commercial is a fantasy, there is a real robot dog created by some part of Accenture. Here’s a video from Accenture Baltics…

Is it weird that even with this lifeless mechanical dog, I want to pet it and cuddle it and feed it and take it on walks and buy it a cute little charging station!? I have issues.

How do you feel about the robo-dog commercial from Accenture? Cute, right? Chime in below and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

-Out of the Wilderness


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