The Purge Has Begun – Getting a New Phone Soon?

I’ve dropped my phone too many times, and the last one finally chipped part of the glass clear off the phone! I can deal with a few cracks or scratches, but now that the glass is starting to chip, I’ve got to face the facts. It’s time for a new phone. Should I go aheadContinue reading “The Purge Has Begun – Getting a New Phone Soon?”

A Few Photos of Fresh Flowers

These are photos from the last year and a half from camping and adventuring around the southeast United States. Flowers, though small, are bursting with beauty so I hope these photos captured at least a fraction of that! Thanks for checking out my photos today… -Out of the Wilderness

Happy Independence Day 2022, in photos

Today, on July 3rd, 2022, all I can think to do is post pictures I’ve taken of the flag and a few other images that remind me of this great country, thinking about those brave men and women who had the vision for a country where freedom is available for all. People who fought toContinue reading “Happy Independence Day 2022, in photos”

New photos on display including gators, an owl, and a little gem

Hello and thanks for checking out today’s post. I have something new every day at 1pm central so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! Some of you know that my photography can be purchased at I have upwards of a hundred images (and counting) available to print in all kindsContinue reading “New photos on display including gators, an owl, and a little gem”

Florida State Park pictures – St. Andrews and Falling Waters

Over the past year since I started using a Sony A6600 to photograph anything and everything, I’ve discovered that my favorite subject is nature and wildlife. Combine that with the adventure of camping in the past few months and the opportunities for photographing stuff is pretty high. I’ve already posted about St. Andrews State ParkContinue reading “Florida State Park pictures – St. Andrews and Falling Waters”