The Purge Has Begun – Getting a New Phone Soon?

I’ve dropped my phone too many times, and the last one finally chipped part of the glass clear off the phone! I can deal with a few cracks or scratches, but now that the glass is starting to chip, I’ve got to face the facts. It’s time for a new phone. Should I go aheadContinue reading “The Purge Has Begun – Getting a New Phone Soon?”

How many photos are saved on your phone?

I’m getting a new phone soon! That’s good news, right? It’s always fun to get a new piece of tech. The deal I got includes trading in my old phone, an LG Stylo 6. Also, side note, did you know LG isn’t making phones anymore? I was informed of this when I went in toContinue reading “How many photos are saved on your phone?”