How many photos are saved on your phone?

I’m getting a new phone soon! That’s good news, right? It’s always fun to get a new piece of tech. The deal I got includes trading in my old phone, an LG Stylo 6. Also, side note, did you know LG isn’t making phones anymore? I was informed of this when I went in toContinue reading “How many photos are saved on your phone?”

How to help a fish with barotrauma – deep sea fishing

If you’ve ever been deep sea fishing, you know that sometimes you reel up a fish that has suffering from barotrauma. This is when they come up too fast and the change in pressure causes their stomach (or other fishy parts) to become bloated. To avoid this, you can bring the fish up slowly. ThisContinue reading “How to help a fish with barotrauma – deep sea fishing”

We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico

I didn’t expect to catch something so big– wait, this is fishing– I didn’t expect to catch anything! But there we were rocking back and forth 40 miles from the closest safe place. Yes, in my world, land is safe and ocean is scary. It’s where where people get their limbs bit off by sharksContinue reading “We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico”

My very own epic fails, part 1

I had an epic fail yesterday so as I laughed at the mistake I made, I thought about other times in my life where I’ve had major goof-ups. A few solid ones came to mind, and a few that I was hoping I’d forget about. The first I’ll share with you takes place in aContinue reading “My very own epic fails, part 1”

Rekindling an old flame, part 2

My dad likes to fish. And by “like,” I mean if he could be on the water every day, I think he’d do it. Something about the call of the grouper, the invitation of the red snapper, not to mention the quietness of the wild blue yonder, beckons him. Sometimes I hear that call, too,Continue reading “Rekindling an old flame, part 2”