Photos Before and After, My Favorites

Hello and thanks for coming by today. I love to write so I’m very glad you clicked over! I post every day at 1pm central. I also love taking photos (take a look at my galleries here). With photos, just like with words, there’s some editing that goes on with the original image. Every onceContinue reading “Photos Before and After, My Favorites”

St. Andrews State Park – Camper’s Review with Pictures

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to Out of the Wilderness. I know you’re curious about St. Andrews State Park in the Panama City Beach area of Florida, and I was, too, just a few weeks ago. I’ve been camping around Florida since early January and writing about it, along with pictures from the parks whereContinue reading “St. Andrews State Park – Camper’s Review with Pictures”

Osprey bird photos

I should’ve taken photos of the muddy ocean water I had to sludge through — well, I was about to brag but I didn’t *have* to walk through the slimy mushy ocean bottom but I’m just stubborn enough to not say no. Gosh, that sounds like a humble brag, doesn’t it? Let’s just say IContinue reading “Osprey bird photos”

We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico

I didn’t expect to catch something so big– wait, this is fishing– I didn’t expect to catch anything! But there we were rocking back and forth 40 miles from the closest safe place. Yes, in my world, land is safe and ocean is scary. It’s where where people get their limbs bit off by sharksContinue reading “We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico”