I still haven’t seen an alligator, an update

A few days ago I wrote about not having seen an alligator since I picked up my things and came down to Florida. Hi, I’m Ben. It’s not like I have a strange obsession with dangerous creatures. I don’t want to cuddle with alligators. I don’t want to put a leash on on a lionContinue reading “I still haven’t seen an alligator, an update”

St. Andrews State Park – Camper’s Review with Pictures

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to Out of the Wilderness. I know you’re curious about St. Andrews State Park in the Panama City Beach area of Florida, and I was, too, just a few weeks ago. I’ve been camping around Florida since early January and writing about it, along with pictures from the parks whereContinue reading “St. Andrews State Park – Camper’s Review with Pictures”

Osprey bird photos

I should’ve taken photos of the muddy ocean water I had to sludge through — well, I was about to brag but I didn’t *have* to walk through the slimy mushy ocean bottom but I’m just stubborn enough to not say no. Gosh, that sounds like a humble brag, doesn’t it? Let’s just say IContinue reading “Osprey bird photos”

When it’s silent overhead

The title of this blog might lead you to believe I have some deep revelation to share with you today. If we think of God in Heaven up above, maybe I’m about to dive into a subject like, “When we don’t hear God speaking,” or “Where is God when we need Him most,” or “IsContinue reading “When it’s silent overhead”