Birds of Paradise – a few pictures from the Florida Gulf Coast

I loved seeing all this wildlife on the gulf coast of Florida last week. Below are 7 birds I was able to photograph, labeled with what kind they are. Some let me get kind of close but thanks to my Sony 350mm zoom lens, it looks like I’m a lot closer than I am… exceptContinue reading “Birds of Paradise – a few pictures from the Florida Gulf Coast”

Osprey bird photos

I should’ve taken photos of the muddy ocean water I had to sludge through — well, I was about to brag but I didn’t *have* to walk through the slimy mushy ocean bottom but I’m just stubborn enough to not say no. Gosh, that sounds like a humble brag, doesn’t it? Let’s just say IContinue reading “Osprey bird photos”

Car graveyard in north Florida

There’s this random little place between Tallahassee and the gulf coast of Florida where you can pull off the two-lane road to see relics from the 20th century. It’s one thing to pass by and say, “Hmm that’s interesting,” and a whole other thing to stop and look at these vehicles from a bygone era.Continue reading “Car graveyard in north Florida”

Chuck Norris Deployed to Southeast as Storms Approach U.S.

PENSACOLA, FL — In an unprecedented move, FEMA has authorized the use of Chuck Norris in an effort to neutralize the double dose of tropical storms heading towards the United States. As noted in a statement from FEMA Administrator, Pete Gaynor, there hasn’t yet been an effective way to lessen the power of tropical storms…Continue reading “Chuck Norris Deployed to Southeast as Storms Approach U.S.”

Ocean pics from Florida’s “forgotten coast”

As I’ve said in recent posts, I was in the Florida panhandle recently. One of my nieces is really good at photography and so with a few of these next photos, I tried to take shots really close to the ocean’s surface like she’s done in the past. Check them out and thanks for stoppingContinue reading “Ocean pics from Florida’s “forgotten coast””