Alexander Springs – my favorite photographs

Hello and thanks for hopping aboard this photo tour of Alexander Springs Recreational Area. I’ve been on a mini camping tour around central Florida, the first pit stop was in Gainesville (click here) then I was in Juniper Springs State Park for four days (click here). Without a whole lot of set up, I’d describeContinue reading “Alexander Springs – my favorite photographs”

How to help a fish with barotrauma – deep sea fishing

If you’ve ever been deep sea fishing, you know that sometimes you reel up a fish that has suffering from barotrauma. This is when they come up too fast and the change in pressure causes their stomach (or other fishy parts) to become bloated. To avoid this, you can bring the fish up slowly. ThisContinue reading “How to help a fish with barotrauma – deep sea fishing”

Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…

I really LOVE how this project looks. What started out as an attempt to photograph coy in a pond transformed into an abstract, colorful, mashup of shapes and designs. Before revealing the final products, though, here is the original. I’ll admit it’s kind of boring to look at but I really like the way theContinue reading “Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…”

SpaghettiOs with meatballs, and Chris Burke from Life Goes On

As a vegan, the meatballs in SpaghettiOs are a spaghettiNoNo but in a dream recently, I had eaten a whole bowl! I specifically remember as I scooped the last spoonful thinking, I just gave up years of not eating meat*… but did this bowl have meatballs or did I heat up the original SpagettiOs (noContinue reading “SpaghettiOs with meatballs, and Chris Burke from Life Goes On”

Study shows fish discouraged by evolutionary process

Pensacola, FL — Ichthyologists doing research on the behavior of fish in the gulf region, just off the coast of northern Florida, have been perplexed for months by the apparent mood changes of many vertebrates in the area. “We’ve seen fish change behavior based on environmental factors, predator stressers, and the like, but we haven’tContinue reading “Study shows fish discouraged by evolutionary process”