The scariest dog park in Florida

I visited a dog park in the Tallahassee area this morning and since it’s Florida I went in with some knowledge of the dangerous wildlife. First, I Google mapped it. I thought a little pond would be fun for the pups. The only thing is, this was a giant pond…and there were 2 ponds, anyway.Continue reading “The scariest dog park in Florida”

Baby geese struggle to follow parents out of pond

The highlight of my day yesterday was these newborn geese trying their hardest to climb up the steep bank of a pond. Their parents, blessed with fully functional wings, made it up but the six goslings had major issues. I could try to explain it more but nothing would quite do the justice of whatContinue reading “Baby geese struggle to follow parents out of pond”

Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…

I really LOVE how this project looks. What started out as an attempt to photograph coy in a pond transformed into an abstract, colorful, mashup of shapes and designs. Before revealing the final products, though, here is the original. I’ll admit it’s kind of boring to look at but I really like the way theContinue reading “Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…”