The scariest bark park in Florida: an update.

You guys, late in 2021 I visiting a dog park that was near home base and I was rather shocked and frightened to find out it was THE SCARIEST DOG PARK IN FLORIDA! Not only did it have a pond right smack dab in the middle of it, it had ANOTHER pond within the dogContinue reading “The scariest bark park in Florida: an update.”

Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022

I spent time on the coast of north Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday and there were some foggy days! It was kinda crazy that the fog lasted all day, not burning off as the sun rose. This little beach an hour south of Tallahassee is a slice of Heaven (which makes sense because it’s acrossContinue reading “Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022”

The abandoned graffiti skate park

I was pretty pumped to go to the local fair to take photos of rides, lights, and colorful things all around me. Unfortunately I learned when I arrived that it wasn’t open till about 4 hours later. Bummer! It was time to make a new plan so in order to not have a worthless trip,Continue reading “The abandoned graffiti skate park”

2022 Car Show Was A Sight to Behold

The other day I went to a car show and had no idea what to expect. I’m a self-proclaimed “not a car guy” so while I like seeing cool cars, I have no desire at all to get into fixing them or learning much more about them beyond their color and style. But this showContinue reading “2022 Car Show Was A Sight to Behold”

I haven’t had a date in…

I left Nashville almost 2 months ago. Since arriving in Florida most of my time has been spent with my family (parents, siblings, nieces, etc). Family was the driving force for the move south so being with them a lot is going according to that plan. But all this time spent with them doesn’t leaveContinue reading “I haven’t had a date in…”