The Reawakening: Part 7

There seems to be a possible twist in this exciting adventure. Cincinnati, Ohio. A family of 6 preparing for another school year. 4 young daughters have only known life in Ohio but have a Mom that urgently prays for God to open up doors for them in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s been years since my sister,Continue reading “The Reawakening: Part 7”

A Weekend I Won’t Soon Forget

I had an unfortunate reason for driving down to Tallahassee, Florida last weekend. My grandfather passed away but you know, it wasn’t really a dose of bad luck like the word ‘unfortunate’ would lead you to believe. He was 91. He lived a long time and got to see the next 3 generations of Wilders.Continue reading “A Weekend I Won’t Soon Forget”

The Case of the Missing Retainer

I was a junior in high school living in New York City. We had just moved there from Miami, Florida, where we had been for 3 years. Our stay in New York wasn’t for long, only 6 months because my dad retired from the Coast Guard. We couldn’t continue living on the military base (Governor’sContinue reading “The Case of the Missing Retainer”

She’s Not the Kind of Girl Who’s Single For Long

We all know the girls I’m talking about. More often than not, expressing that a girl can’t go very long without a boyfriend is a comment about the girl’s character or level of confidence, and it’s not a compliment. Usually the statement is used in a way that says, “This girl is so self-conscious thatContinue reading “She’s Not the Kind of Girl Who’s Single For Long”