We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story

I had a weird experience you might expect during recess in elementary school, but this was not in school. It was on a volleyball court in Florida. For being in the Sunshine State, so far my experience with pick-up volleyball has paled in comparison with where I lived up until a few months ago— Nashville,Continue reading “We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story”

Volleyball Spotify playlist

Yesterday I posted a playlist designed for your softball games, but below is a list compiled for volleyball, either sand or indoor. While the softball playlist is mostly hip hop, rap, and a few rock songs (music to get you psyched up for homerun hitting, outfield catching, pitcher striking out batters, even in slow pitch),Continue reading “Volleyball Spotify playlist”

Checking out Karen Kingsbury’s book tour in Nashville

A few days ago I barely tagged along with a friend for the Baxter Family Reunion. Now before you get ahead of yourself by assuming I was going to a real family reunion, you should know– as I learned that day– the Baxters are a made-up family about whom a million and a half booksContinue reading “Checking out Karen Kingsbury’s book tour in Nashville”

Sand volleyball at camp

One thing I miss the most about Nashville as I’m on a sorta lengthy vacation is sand volleyball. My brother and I are in Missouri volunteering at a sports camp so you’d think there would be a chance to play some while we’re here…heck, there’s even a sand volleyball court! So I start the weekContinue reading “Sand volleyball at camp”

Sand volleyball for the win

I’ve been playing sand volleyball probably an average of 4 times a month since the summer started. It’s quickly become one of my favorite things to do here in Nashville. I was first introduced to it by my friend Bill who played a lot of sand volleyball here in town. I only went a handfulContinue reading “Sand volleyball for the win”