Checking out Karen Kingsbury’s book tour in Nashville

A few days ago I barely tagged along with a friend for the Baxter Family Reunion. Now before you get ahead of yourself by assuming I was going to a real family reunion, you should know– as I learned that day– the Baxters are a made-up family about whom a million and a half books are written. The “reunion” is a book tour by author Karen Kingsbury, celebrating the release of her new book To The the Moon and Back* which I can’t wait to start reading!


I said ‘barely went’ because, as is the case with me and social things, I don’t usually say yes quickly (unless it’s sand volleyball–always a yes). So I was reluctant to go but three things changed my mind…

  1. Read synopsis, got hooked…
  2. Francesca Battistelli singing…
  3. Took nap, dreamed I should go…

For being such a stubborn person, I’m glad I caved and attended this event! Francesca was great, she even did a performance of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman* soundtrack– a movie that’s already earned a spot in my top 5 all-time favorites. She was funny, too, along with having an amazing singing voice.

Then Mrs. Kingsbury took the stage for a Q&A with Francesca (or Franny as Karen and only the closest of friends call her), mostly about their relationship and Franc– Franny’s thoughts on the Baxter family. Mrs. K went on to tell stories from her life, about how she relates and connects with the characters she writes about, so real of a connection that when she had to write the death of one of them, she cried! That’s pretty wild but I’ve caught myself thinking about characters from another series I’m more familiar with (the Mitford series* by Jan Karon), and I remember once almost praying for one of them! Crazy.

She told an fascinating story about her father, his love for their family, his love for a Rod Stewart song, and how God shows up in her and her family’s lives daily, often with this song as a sweet reminder…

Throughout her talk she encouraged us to write a best-seller with the days of our life. I love how she presented that! But how do we do it? Here were her four points…

  1. Love well
  2. Laugh often
  3. Look for the miraculous
  4. Live your life for Jesus Christ because every story needs a hero


If you have a chance to attend her book tour, give it a shot! I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did, just as I am!

-Out of the Wilderness

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2 thoughts on “Checking out Karen Kingsbury’s book tour in Nashville

  1. I would not know the author but I love love love the Rod track! I WP shared the original Van Morrison version in recent times. It is an ode to God 😀


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