Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park

Like I said recently, this mini-tour camping around central Florida started with a pit stop in Gainesville to visit an old friend, but then I was off to the first state park. Juniper Springs State Park, to be exact. I booked this trip about a month in advance so the anticipation was killing me, especiallyContinue reading “Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park”

The scariest dog park in Florida

I visited a dog park in the Tallahassee area this morning and since it’s Florida I went in with some knowledge of the dangerous wildlife. First, I Google mapped it. I thought a little pond would be fun for the pups. The only thing is, this was a giant pond…and there were 2 ponds, anyway.Continue reading “The scariest dog park in Florida”

Alligators, Bieber, and an Apple IIc

When I was young, our family lived in a house that backed up to a lake. There were a few reasons to live in fear. The most popular among my siblings was because we lived in Florida. Which meant alligators in any body of freshwater bigger than a roadside puddle. Actually, in the last fewContinue reading “Alligators, Bieber, and an Apple IIc”

Wacky Wednesday: All I Have To Do Is Dream

Most of the time, my dreams are about one of these 3 things: alligators, Taylor Swift, or Hawaii. The only one I like is the alligator dream because at least when I wake up, I’m happy it wasn’t real! What do you dream about? Confess below in the comments!