New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!

Hello there! I’ve enjoyed so much taking photos in the last 12 months since I got a new Sony camera. One of the first photos with this camera was taken while I sat around a fire on a cold wintery day in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, I’ve taken the camera almost everywhere I go andContinue reading “New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!”

Chomp, Chomp! The Gators of Myakka River State Park

To say Myakka River has a few alligators would be like saying Washington has a few dirty politicians. Hi there, I’m Ben, and I rather swim naked with steaks tied to my arms and legs in a lake full of gators who haven’t eaten in 7 days than rub elbows with a Washington politician. *snapsContinue reading “Chomp, Chomp! The Gators of Myakka River State Park”

Florida Caverns State Park – What’s All the Fuss About?

Hello! My name is Ben and in 2022 I’ve set out to camp in my travel trailer as much as possible. I’ve already done a few tours around the Florida/south Georgia area so check out my Camping Stories for more of those reviews and pictures. Can you guess in which park I took this picture?Continue reading “Florida Caverns State Park – What’s All the Fuss About?”

I STILL haven’t seen an alligator

In LeBron James style, I took my talents to north Florida late last year. I get that it was cooler and all, but over 4 months and I haven’t even seen ONE alligator. I guess that’s a blessing, actually. But still, after visiting a handful of state parks over the last couple of months, IContinue reading “I STILL haven’t seen an alligator”

Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park

Like I said recently, this mini-tour camping around central Florida started with a pit stop in Gainesville to visit an old friend, but then I was off to the first state park. Juniper Springs Recreational Area, to be exact. I booked this trip about a month in advance so the anticipation was killing me, especiallyContinue reading “Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park”