The scariest bark park in Florida: an update.

You guys, late in 2021 I visiting a dog park that was near home base and I was rather shocked and frightened to find out it was THE SCARIEST DOG PARK IN FLORIDA! Not only did it have a pond right smack dab in the middle of it, it had ANOTHER pond within the dog park fence! You might think it’s no big deal but think about what Florida is known for… sharks (does not apply here) and alligators (applies like heck here!). So that was the one and only time I took my dogs to that park. Even while we were there I kept them on a short leash. I recapped the visit in depth in a post called The Scariest Dog Park in Florida. And now…

Here’s part 2…

It’s been over a year between the first visit and now I’ve already been there twice. Why? What’s changed? I was so happy to drive by one day last week and notice more fences!

All the scary parts have been fenced OUT. Now the park looks more like the aisles of IKEA, lanes of grass to romp around in. I’m so, SO, happy alligators and for the most part snakes too, aren’t nearly as big of a worry as they were before. My dogs go everywhere nose first and I just can’t fathom what trouble they’d get into if the park was left the way it was.

I chatted with another guy at the park and he was not feeling so joyful. He said, “They ruined it.” I just nodded along because I wasn’t about to be all disagreeable… but I 100% disagree. Just like the old saying, “Fences make good neighbors,” I think fences make good dog parks. I’ll be going here a lot more now. I know the pups will enjoy exploring and I’ll enjoy them exploring safely.

See y’all tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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