Where is Michael J. Fox?

I know some of you, maybe a lot of you, aren’t thinking about where he is, you’re wondering WHO he is! Michael J. Fox is an actor and I’d say his fame came from a movie franchise in the 80s called Back to the Future, but of course there’s the TV show “Family Ties.” The phrase I’ll never forget from the show is, “Money is no object.” I’m still not sure exactly what it means except that his character loved money, so maybe the phrase is one that means money is very important, don’t take it lightly.

He was in other TV shows and movies in the 1990s like “Spin City” and Doc Hollywood.

But where is he now? After it was made known in 1991 that he has Parkinson’s disease, I haven’t seen much of him in the acting spotlight. But he didn’t disappear completely. After some research, I found out that Michael J. Fox is still very much active in raising awareness for Parkinson’s and he did some acting on major projects throughout the 2000s and in the 2010s. For more details, check out his IMDb page. I guess I’m the one NOT in the know. There’s an article in People Magazine here and evidently they get really in depth in the recent issue.

I guess I’m at an age now where I can feel more sadness for things that are, or people who are, gone. So I’m glad he’s still taking roles in movies and TV shows. There’s enough hurt and loss without MJF disappearing, too! Are there any actors you’ve seen in decades past who have gotten out of the spotlight for one reason or another? Chime in below and thanks for going down this historical rabbit hole with me…

See y’all tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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