GEICO’s Wright Brothers Commercial – Is it a Tray or a Table?

GEICO has funny campaigns going simultaneously and another addition to the bundling ads features brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the airplane. Take a look then scroll down for more info…

Tale As Old As Time. If you’ve ever flown on a commercial plane, you are cringing or laughing at the accuracy of the problems these brothers face even on the first flight ever. Arm rests, tiny amounts of snack food, coughing neighbors, crying babies, talkative strangers, bumpy flights, the list goes on and on for common pet peeves of sharing public spaces with other people. And to touch on this briefly, if you have siblings you know exactly what these brothers are feeling. The littlest thing can spark the biggest fights, am I right?

Tray Table. Orville and Wilbur fight over the armrest then Orville pulls out the tray table. Not to be nit-picky but why are they called “tray tables”? Shouldn’t it be called a tray OR a table? I guess in the old days guests would be served trays of food in which the entire tray would be placed on the table. That’s hardly the case anymore so can we just call them a snack table or something? Kind of like the confusion around daylight savings time. Why do still set our clocks forward and backward each year? It’s outdated and needs to change!

Kudos to GEICO for pointing out a problem we’ve all faced before and tying in their product to the solution. I like this ad to kick off the new year. What do you think about it?

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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