Free Spirit

Hello and thanks for rolling by my blog today. If you’ve been here before you’re already aware of the stuff I peddle on this site: my personal stories of camping, recaps of a dates occasionally, photos of my pups, TV commercial research, but much like a retriever at the Westminster Dog Show, today’s post fitsContinue reading “Free Spirit”

My other car is a Sears bicycle

Last year at an estate sale I found the most coolest bicycle. I posted about it back then and now, February 2021, I have an update. She has new tubes and tires! Take a look at side by side pictures of the old tires (left) vs. the new tires (right). I have ridden it twiceContinue reading “My other car is a Sears bicycle”

Update on reaching my walk/run goals in 2020

Hi. My name is Ben and I forgot to post an update from a goal I set for 2020. *you say* Hi Ben. We forgive you. Thank you so much! Well, last January I made a goal to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. I had no idea if it would be easy orContinue reading “Update on reaching my walk/run goals in 2020”