Sunset and moon photos from Caprock Canyons

I *think* this will wrap up my recaps of the best park I’ve camped in… Caprock Canyons State Park in Texas. What beauty surrounds us as campers in this park! During the day it’s bison, roadrunners, deer, prairie dogs, and much more. In fact, pictures that will be favorites for a long time are fromContinue reading “Sunset and moon photos from Caprock Canyons”

Who are you?

This is a question I was asked recently when I was riding my bike one evening in a Texas state park. It was very dark, as most state parks are, and my bike was lit up all over the place. There’s a headlight, taillight, and bright lights on the wheels. I also had a headlampContinue reading “Who are you?”

A Wildlife First plus Night Photos and More at Colt Creek State Park, Florida

There I was riding my bike down the main road in Colt Creek State Park, camera bag strapped to my back, safari hat protecting me from the late morning sun. I was riding up to the lake where people fish and use canoes and kayaks to explore. The day before this I visited the sameContinue reading “A Wildlife First plus Night Photos and More at Colt Creek State Park, Florida”

Night sky photos with specific settings / astrophotography

I’ve recently recorded some photos of the stars (“astrophotography”) so I thought I’d post a few here with the various settings used. I use a Sony A6600 and all of the photos below are using a 24mm lens and were captured between 11pm and 6am. Unfortunately, as you’ll see in a few photos, the moonContinue reading “Night sky photos with specific settings / astrophotography”

Astrophotography – Starry Night by the Gulf of Mexico

After I got a new camera, I found out the lens that came with it was great for taking pictures of stars at night. Also called astrophotography, I was eager to give it a try. I had seen some photos online and the best way to describe my reaction: mesmerized. I was recently in FloridaContinue reading “Astrophotography – Starry Night by the Gulf of Mexico”