The Final Dates of 2022

We’re three quarters through November so with about 6 weeks left of 2022, I *think* I’ve wrapped up my final dates of 2022. It was kind of crazy that I had a date after just a couple of months of being in Florida. In 2022 dates were few and far between but in the fallContinue reading “The Final Dates of 2022”

college football and Texas forever

Do you remember that line from Tim Riggins on the TV show “Friday Night Lights”? Today there’s an in-state matchup between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Texas Longhorns. Both teams are ranked in the top 25, TCU in the top 4! So there is a lot riding on the game for them. I’m supportingContinue reading “college football and Texas forever”

The 3 things I dislike the most about camping

I’ll start by saying I LOVE camping. Since January 2022, I’ve been living and traveling in a Gulf Stream trailer. There have been ups and downs, learning experiences, but the good far outweighs the bad. I actually like that I’m learning new things, too. For instance… figuring out why the water heater doesn’t heat waterContinue reading “The 3 things I dislike the most about camping”

A few days camping at Rainbow Springs State Park

I wrapped up an almost-month-long tour around Florida by camping at Rainbow Springs State Park. For whatever reason, I didn’t take a lot of pictures and I didn’t want to force myself to, because then it wouldn’t be fun and natural. Speaking of fun and natural… Rainbow Springs! The campsite was great, even having aContinue reading “A few days camping at Rainbow Springs State Park”

The Virgin Mary in a Picture from a State Park – Pareidolia

I had no idea there was a word for the perceived image of something familiar where there’s actually no image of that familiar thing. It’s called pareidolia. A few popular examples can be found here. Quite funny and crazy how so many things can look like something else. But before you check those out, takeContinue reading “The Virgin Mary in a Picture from a State Park – Pareidolia”