A Wildlife First plus Night Photos and More at Colt Creek State Park, Florida

There I was riding my bike down the main road in Colt Creek State Park, camera bag strapped to my back, safari hat protecting me from the late morning sun. I was riding up to the lake where people fish and use canoes and kayaks to explore. The day before this I visited the same small lake and was surprised by how many alligators were hanging around the dock. 

This is basically the moment I decided I definitely wouldn’t be kayaking here. It’s not that I was afraid per se, it’s more like I just really, really like NOT being bitten by an alligator. So sue me! Wait, does anyone say that anymore? If someone does something people aren’t on board with, they say, “So sue me!” Oh, this reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a very short lived reality TV show called Kid Nation. There was a sassy contestant, probably 12 yrs old. She was one of these people that do stuff that no one likes and, if she was an adult, she’d say, “Sue me!” But the little diva’s go-to line was, “Deal with it!” Of course I used that line when I was an immature adult use that line to this very day.

Totally got off track there. Sorry, but, uhhh, deal with it! OK, anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, alligators. I like them, just don’t want them all up in my business, if you know what I mean. Following this visit to the lake I returned to the campsite and settled in for the night. But I had a plan. You see, there was this very tall palm tree near the lake. 

It’s been a while since I’ve tried astrophotography (see a few pics here) so I watched the entire Little Big League movie, which had me up way past my bed time. Once the Twins lost, ending their chances at the Pennant, I rode out to the tree. I was obviously not accustomed to being awake at midnight because when I got to the tree, I realized… I FORGOT MY CAMERA. What a dweeb. I rode back to the camper, the Twins still didn’t have the Pennant, and I rode back out to the tree. Finally I can snap some photos! Here are a few favorites from that night session. 

Overall I had a great time at this park. I think the people in this very cool-looking bus camper enjoyed it too, but I swear they never came out. It’s not that I was spying… that would be weird. I just never saw them through binoculars when I casually walked by nonchalantly and casually. Did I say I was casual?

Recap… Gators. Tall tree. Casual. Oh, I need to finish the story from the beginning of this post… when I was riding my bike up to the lake to take more photos. Well, I had a long delay in getting there because on the way I saw something I can’t ever remember seeing in the wild. And I’m so thankful I had my camera with me and that this creature hung around long enough for me to get some pictures! For the first time in many years, if ever, here is the first owl I’ve seen in real life…

a barred owl

But of course I can’t neglect the other birds I saw there, too. Here’s a hawk and some kind of heron, if you can identify it, let me know. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what type it is. I should do more research but… JUST DEAL WITH IT.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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