Beep boop boop beep – my old cell phones!

I was cleaning out my attic recently and you wouldn’t believe the stuff I forgot I had. It’s been the 2021 purge at my house, as noted in this post, and when I opened one particular box I found most of my previous cell phones! But first, here’s the stuff from the attic, now oneContinue reading “Beep boop boop beep – my old cell phones!”

Disconnecting from the smartphone daily

Even before I started reading 12 Ways Your Smart Phone is Changing You*, I’ve had a strong desire to break the chains locking me to my cell phone. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you might guess. I use my phone for so much of my work, 2 sources of income areContinue reading “Disconnecting from the smartphone daily”

She was just phoning it in

I was recently hanging out with a friend of mine and asked how long she and I have been friends. She looked at her phone and said, “…since 1999.” I was speechless. Did that just happen? It makes me laugh and also brings to light 2 points I’d like to share: Did her phone somehowContinue reading “She was just phoning it in”