Zach Bryan “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Actors, Locations, and More!

Zach Bryan recently released the music video for his song, “Oklahoma Smokeshow” and it’s hitting fans hard in the best way. It’s not just the lyrics either, although it should be said that the words are striking chords left and right. The music video is the perfect visual for the song, just take a look… then scroll down for the main cast and more info!

The Actress. It’s always a choice between the bad boy and the good guy, isn’t it? A story being told for thousands of years. This version features a few well-known faces. The woman torn between the two men is actress and model Katerina Tannenbaum. She’s been in shows like Better Call Saul, AJ and the Queen, among others. Check out her Instagram @KaterinaTannenbaum and her IMDB page here. There’s also a nice article in the New York Times where she talks a bit about her childhood and how she originally wanted to be a dancer.

The Bad Boy. Wild and barely tamed, one of the love interests is played by actor Noah Le Gros. You might recognize him from a resume-full of productions but one of the biggest is the show 1883 where he played Colton, a cowboy. Check out his pics on Instagram @NoahLeGros and his list of roles on IMDB.

The Nice Guy. Finishing last (nice guys always finish last, right??) is actor Jess Oldham. He has a unique background working with horses and cattle on his family-run cattle ranch in Wyoming called Double D Ranch. There’s also a horse sanctuary on property which is awesome! Check out a few pics of him in action on the ranch website. You can also follow him on Instagram @Jess_Oldham.

The Location. Although the song is about a woman in Oklahoma, the video was shot in Texas. Thanks to a YouTuber who pointed out the locations (towns of Alpine, Presidio, and Marfa), I can confirm two of the three based on landmarks appearing in the video. The rodeo scenes are in Alpine based on the website in the background.

The water tower and country courthouse in the scene below is in Marfa, TX.

These are towns in west Texas, very west! Almost in Mexico actually, but still, the scenes and the backdrops remind me so much of my three-week-long camping trip which took me through north Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. It was the most amazing time where I caught on camera some incredible moments of wildlife, and even got a chance to see one of my favorite bands in Oklahoma, Judah and the Lion. I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pics from camping but for more stories, check out my Camping Stories page and drop by my SmugMug page for more shots of wildlife.

see the bison?

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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