Dreamland novel – With this actor, it will be a blockbuster movie

I read fast and furiously over the past couple of rainy days and now I’m almost finished with Dreamland. I credit the rain for that, AND when the story starting piecing together about halfway through, I just couldn’t stop. It was either keep reading or wash the dishes, and well, that’s an easy decision. Here’s the first part of my book review.

Definitely no spoilers but overall, I’m happy with the way the story has tied together, even if it wasn’t super believable. It IS a made-up story, after all. I still have a few chapters left and I have questions, too. Hopefully those questions will be resolved soon. 

Can I see this book becoming a movie? Well, I understand a little more about why screenwriters get awards for adapting books to movies. Lots of scenes to work out and where the book gives a lot of descriptions, backstory, and inner thoughts, movies can’t do that easily. This one would be a great movie, especially since it is mostly about a singer/songwriter. I can imagine the soundtrack being stellar. Find a country singer who can act and the blockbuster movie would be well on its way. In fact, I already thought of a great guy for the role. Just remember you heard it here first! 

From the big screen to Yellowstone to country music albums, Luke Grimes would be the perfect actor to play the part of Colby Mills. Narrowing down his love interest might be a bit more difficult. Maybe Julianne Hough (who has been in a Nicholas Sparks movie already, Safe Haven)?

Have you had a chance to read this book yet? I’ll have my final thoughts in another post once I finish the book and today is a little rainy, so chances are I’ll be finishing it very, very soon. Or washing dishes. 

-Out of the Wilderness


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