The drugs of American Idol, a breakdown

I was watching a recent episode of American Idol, or maybe we should spell it AmaricinIdyl so it matches the weird medicine taking up ad space during the commercials. Did you catch all the medicine commercials, drugs with an ‘x’ or a ‘z’ or a ‘q’ in the name? Here’s a list of the ones I happened to catch in just one Sunday night two-hour episode of AmaricinIdyl… I need to throw a ‘z’ somewhere in there, don’t I?

Drug ads during Amaricinzidyl:

Zeposia, Eliquis, Kisqali, Mounjaro, Rexulti, Nutrafol, Lybalvi, and my favorite… Cibinqo.

That last one’s just fun to say. Cibinqo. I guess the median age of an American Idol watcher is higher than I thought. Or maybe we’re just all suffering from hair loss, eczema, diabetus, depression, or a long list of other problems old people like us have. I can’t even fathom the side effects these things have because we all know the list would be longer than a Walgreens receipt AND the side effects are probably worse than the problem the pills are supposed to be solving. Kind of like what they say in this ad from VABYSMO.

That’s another fun word to say, but I wouldn’t want those (wet) eye-opening side effects.

Have you noticed a lot more ads for these types of drugs? I thought Joe Biden beat big Pharma. Doesn’t seem like it!

-Out of the Wilderness


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