Blink Twice if this VABYSMO Commercial Makes Your Skin Crawl

I’ve been seeing this commercial about Wet AMD and even typing Wet AMD makes me nauseous. It’s probably the same feeling some people get when they hear words like moist, mucus, phlegm, and pulp. If you’re one of those people, sorry about making you read those just now. My bad! Might as well watch the VABYSMO commercial and get it over with…

So we’re adding Wet AMD to those words that make our skin crawl, right? Yuck. Now let’s check out the fine print from the commercial. In tiny text, here are a few things about Vabysmo: It’s given by an injection in the eye. Starts with 4 monthly eye injections. Common side effects are cataract or blood in the white of the eye.

And the voiceover guy says that other possible side effects are eye infection or retinal detachment, increase in eye pressure, heart attack or stroke associated with blood clots.

Um, yeah I’m gonna pass but thanks!

Which commercials would you rather not see ever again? I know some people completely hate this Amazon commercial. Another one I don’t care for is this Paxlovid ad. Let me know in the comments below, see you tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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