American Idol – The Fly, The Flyest Outfit, and A Dark Horse

American Idol now only has 12 hopeful singers competing for our votes and I gotta tell you, if you watched the show you know exactly who the star was. Marty McFly! This random fly got some prime camera time in front of Kaeyra and on Iam. The irony was heavy with both appearances because Kaeyra had one of the flyest outfits, and Iam was singing “Stuck On You.” It’s like the fly got a peak at the set list and said to his fly friends, “Here, watch this.”

This fly was probably just winging it, but definitely added to the element of surprise during the live show. Somehow, I think, it made the audience like Iam even more, not to mention be impressed by Kaeyra’s ability to keep singing without swatting it away like I would’ve done.

In a post yesterday, I made a guess on the eight contestants who would be going home and I was right about five of them. Just for shock value I thought they might send home Haven and Warren. I was wrong about those two, and in fact Haven might be the most complete artist (in spite of her not being the best singer on the show). Plus, now I’m wondering if Colin Stough is the black horse of the entire American Idol season? To compare how it started and how it’s going, here’s his first audition…

Now let’s fast forward to his most recent performance on the live episodes…

Very recognizable voice and on top of that, he sounded great last night. But the highest ratings using my awesome rating system went to Megan, Iam, and Haven. Another of my top three favorites scored high, too… Zachariah Smith. Judge saves went to Nutsa and Lucy Love. Some fans are poo-pooing that decision and I kind of agree.

Nutsa is from Georgia (not the U.S. state) and currently lives in Dubai. That’s all fine and good but imagine if someone living in the U.S. went up to Canada to compete on Canadian Idol. It just doesn’t make sense. Working in Nutsa’s favor, though, is that she has a huge social media following, which is my guess as to why the judges saved her. At the end of the day, the show needs the highest ratings possible and has a built-in audience with Nutsa’s fans. Lucy Love was a judge save, too. I liked her in the first few weeks of the show but her attitude has me a little skeptical about her long term chances. She’s coming across as a little arrogant, not very humble, and it’s a big turn off for me. My guess is that those two will get weeded out in a short amount of time.

Did you watch the elimination episodes this week? Chime in below with your thoughts!

-Out of the Wilderness


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