Mama Mia! American Idol Goes Long and Young Tom Cruise Goes Short

You could watch the movie Mama Mia! almost twice and still catch the beginning and end of the three-hour episode of American Idol last night. I’ve enjoyed this season, but that was nearly domestic abuse, Idol producers. Some of us like to go to bed at 930, just saying!

Hopefully the closest I’ll ever get to watching Mama Mia! will be listening to Iam Tongi’s performance of the soundtrack song “The Winner Takes It All.” I can think of at least 29 things I’d rather do than watch a musical. If it helps paint a picture of my movie preferences, I’ve seen half of Hamilton and I’d rather watch this horrible Sprite commercial on repeat for the rest of my life than find out how that movie ends.

Iam unalived his performance (did I say that right? Slayed. Shredded. Knocked it out of the park). Like past judges used to say, Iam could sing the phone book and I’d listen. In fact, maybe he should. The biggest hurdle would be… finding a phone book. Do they still make those?

Nineteen other singers also sang. They moved around the stage, or not, they used a mic stand, or not. They played an instrument, or not. However, as we now know, six contestants didn’t sing, move around the stage, or play an instrument because they got sent home. I guess they DID sort of move around the stage, though, as they walked off of it on their way to get their luggage.

I used a new rating system, updated from how I took notes last week. Categories were song choice, wardrobe, stage comfort, and entertainment value, then averaging those for an overall score 1 to 10. Here’s how it shaped up…

Highest total score went to Iam Tongi and Lucy Love (both with 9.625), and a three-way tie between Marybeth Byrd, Megan Danielle, and Colin Stough (9.5). My ratings included 10s in the song choice category for anyone who performed an original song and in regards to the wardrobe category, I had to limit Haven’s score to 10 because she always deserves more like a 20! Always interesting and creative outfits with that one.

My top three survived this round. Megan, Zachariah, and Iam advanced to the top 20 but tonight 8 more singers will be cut. I’ll do a hard thing now and try guessing who the bottom 8 will be on tonight’s episode: Matt Wilson, Kaeyra, Warren Peay, Haven, Michael Williams, Hannah, Paige, and Tyson V.

Michael’s new, short haircut will be the sole reason he goes home sooner rather than later. He no longer looks like a young Tom Cruise, and as I recall, ladies loved a young Tom Cruise. The other bottom 8 are fine singers (all of them are WAY better than I can ever hope to be) but just aren’t the complete package like some in the top 20.

Who will become the next American Idol? Is your favorite still in it to win it?

-Out of the Wilderness


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