Top Gun – I finally saw it! But who’s Penny?

My dad and I went to watch Top Gun recently and, unlike when we watched the Elvis movie, we had perfect seats! I’m not going to bore you with my opinion on how good it was because you already know it’s great. In fact, I haven’t heard any review in the weeks the movie’s beenContinue reading “Top Gun – I finally saw it! But who’s Penny?”

6 Best “Can’t Feel My Face” Parodies or Performances

By now you’ve heard the hit song by The Weeknd(not a misspelling), it’s Can’t Feel My Face. But have you seen these clever renditions of the song? My favorite is this one, featuring President Barack Obama: Then there are a couple from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, first one features Tom Cruise: and the nextContinue reading “6 Best “Can’t Feel My Face” Parodies or Performances”