The Good Nurse and the great acting

This won’t be a post about whether you should watch The Good Nurse (Netflix) or not. All I can say is that Eddie Redmayne, who plays the part of the serial killer nurse, deserves to win all the awards he’s been nominated for from his role in this movie. His acting is unbelievable. I don’tContinue reading “The Good Nurse and the great acting”

Going to see Elvis in the theater

It’s one for the money, two for the show… three to get ready now go, cat, go! That’s exactly what we’re doing. Going to see Elvis in theaters, that is. My parents and I are doing a matinee showing of the new Elvis movie and all three of us are as happy as a houndContinue reading “Going to see Elvis in the theater”

Thoughts on A Quiet Place Part 2 – maybe some spoilers?

I was excited to find A Quiet Place Part 2 at Redbox recently because I really enjoyed the first installment. Here’s the trailer for part 2… A couple things I liked… The sound design for this one was stellar! My favorite part of the sound was how they used silence (surprise, surprise) from the perspectiveContinue reading “Thoughts on A Quiet Place Part 2 – maybe some spoilers?”

Burden – a movie review without spoilers!

I watched this movie only a few days ago and it has stuck with me. It’s not that it’s full of all the things I like- comedy, drama, love, thrills. But Garrett Hedlund, who plays KKK member Mike Burden, did amazing work portraying a conflicted man. Mike was evil — racist and hateful — butContinue reading “Burden – a movie review without spoilers!”

Uncut Gems… review from a regular guy (no spoilers)

Me. I’m the regular guy as referenced in the title of this post. As in, I’m not a movie critic. But that won’t stop me from giving this review! I’d been curious about this movie because it stars Adam Sandler, who is definitely known for being a funny guy. He’s so likable in real life,Continue reading “Uncut Gems… review from a regular guy (no spoilers)”