Cocaine Bear… I watched all of it.

If you haven’t heard yet, Cocaine Bear is the name of a real movie about a real story from the 1980s. The trailer easily caught my attention so I knew sooner or later I’d be watching the movie. One week I watched Jesus Revolution (review here) and the following week I went to see theContinue reading “Cocaine Bear… I watched all of it.”

RSVP a yes to Shotgun Wedding!

I’m comfortable saying the Amazon Prime movie Shotgun Wedding is my favorite movie of the year. I know it’s only February 2nd but give me a break, it’s an entertaining movie! Here’s the trailer… then scroll down for more thoughts (but no spoilers). Overall. I thought the plot was put together well and (as isContinue reading “RSVP a yes to Shotgun Wedding!”

Ambulance Movie Review – Race, Homosexuality, and Unrealistic Driving

The white guys are rich, arrogant, naive or aloof. The white woman is a lesbian. The hispanic woman is always angry. The black woman is a loving and devoted wife. The black men are righteous, heroic, family oriented, and that’s including the guy who’s one of the main criminals! Can you guess which movie I’mContinue reading “Ambulance Movie Review – Race, Homosexuality, and Unrealistic Driving”

Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!

My favorite thing about this movie was trying to come up with all the words that start with dis- ….like dismayed, disagree, dislike, displeased, and discard. As in, I’m going to discard this movie from my “recently watched” display so I’m not reminded of this dissatisfaction of dis movie! Hello there, I’m Ben. Like you,Continue reading “Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!”

“The Man From Toronto” – Were We Supposed to Laugh?

The first thing I noticed about this movie, just in the first 10 minutes, is the editing. I don’t know if they rushed the whole production process or didn’t have enough money in the budget, but with another pass or two before locking in the final film someone would have caught the errors. Or atContinue reading ““The Man From Toronto” – Were We Supposed to Laugh?”