Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!

My favorite thing about this movie was trying to come up with all the words that start with dis- ….like dismayed, disagree, dislike, displeased, and discard. As in, I’m going to discard this movie from my “recently watched” display so I’m not reminded of this dissatisfaction of dis movie! Hello there, I’m Ben. Like you,Continue reading “Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!”

“The Man From Toronto” – Were We Supposed to Laugh?

The first thing I noticed about this movie, just in the first 10 minutes, is the editing. I don’t know if they rushed the whole production process or didn’t have enough money in the budget, but with another pass or two before locking in the final film someone would have caught the errors. Or atContinue reading ““The Man From Toronto” – Were We Supposed to Laugh?”

Encanto …a reaction in less than 500 words

Encanto. Disney’s movie featuring a girl with no gifts (magical talents) but who’s family all have gifts. I’d heard this movie was good and I really wanted to like it. I promise! I mean, when is the last time Disney let us down, you know? OK, I remember Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen IIContinue reading “Encanto …a reaction in less than 500 words”

Thoughts on A Quiet Place Part 2 – maybe some spoilers?

I was excited to find A Quiet Place Part 2 at Redbox recently because I really enjoyed the first installment. Here’s the trailer for part 2… A couple things I liked… The sound design for this one was stellar! My favorite part of the sound was how they used silence (surprise, surprise) from the perspectiveContinue reading “Thoughts on A Quiet Place Part 2 – maybe some spoilers?”

Jexi movie review – too much cursing :(

I watched this movie on DVD from Netflix (yes, Netflix still does DVDs!) and in a nutshell, it’s the Wal-Mart version of Her. It’s listed as a comedy (Her is not a comedy, mind you) and there definitely was an attempt at making me laugh– somewhere in the onslaught of curse words there was aContinue reading “Jexi movie review – too much cursing :(“