Joe Biden is Trans and Wants a Presidential Rerun?

Coming as a surprise to no one (except maybe Joe Biden?), Joe Biden is running for re-election as the first self-proclaimed trans president of the United States. Of course, by “trans,” I’m referring to a comment Biden made in 2020 where he claimed to be a “transitional president,” and everyone knows “running” is a word we use loosely with Biden. His frail, brittle body can barely take another fall going up stairs, much less running or biking.

Early in his presidency I swear Biden said he planned on being a one-term president but that’s ancient history anyway, because in his new propaganda video (with comments not turned off…yet), Biden rattles off what’s wrong with America then follows up with how he can “finish the job.” Nothing he’s ever said has been more accurate! Four more years of Biden’s mess and we’ll be finished, that’s for sure.

As a conservative, I’m mostly unhappy with the things he’s done (except for approving the Willow Project, for instance) but for liberals out there, they can’t be happy with all the promises he hasn’t kept, like that whole student loan forgiveness thing he always talks about. He did keep his word, though, by using race to pick a VP and a Supreme Court judge.

So let me get this straight… a politician wants to keep his power by staying in office? “Color me shocked!” said no one ever. Biden running again is probably the best thing that’s happened to Republicans in many, many years. Of course, Joe still has to get the Democrat nomination but is it really election season until Bernie Sanders announces he’s running for president? When Bernie announces, Hillary will pop up again to do what she does best… take Bernie out! If Joe doesn’t get the Dems endorsement, does that mean someone like Michelle Obama might run, which raises this question: Could a black trans-woman become president of the United States?

On the other side of the aisle, Trump seems to be shoe-in but it’s not guaranteed that he’ll win the nomination. I wouldn’t hate having someone less polarizing as the Republican candidate, someone like Ron DeSantis or Tim Scott. Trump’s personality is just so unappealing. Maybe if he used some of these conservative pick-up lines as his campaign slogan, he’d be more likable. There’s still a lot of time until these dramatic scenarios take shape so anything could happen between now and then and as we know in politics, anything that can happen will happen.

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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