The best MAGA pick-up lines for 2022

I recently posted the Best Woke Pick-Up Lines for 2022 so it’s only fair to do the flip side, as well. So let’s get right into it. Here are the best MAGA pick-up lines for a guy to pick-up a traditional woman.

10. After dinner, would you like to get on Twitter and troll some liberals?

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9. Does it turn you on when I say I never watched a second of the January 6th hearings?

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8. If the COVID vaccine makes me immune to your love… well, I still won’t get it. But you DO boost my happiness.

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7. Three things that best describe me — ultra fun, ultra cute, ultra maga.

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6. Hey baby, thinking about you gives me a January 6th sized ins-erection. 

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5. Actually, it IS an ar-15 in my pocket, but yes I’m happy to see you, too. 

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4. You wanna do some role-play? I’ll be a border patrol agent and you’re crossing illegally. 

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3. You want me to talk dirty to you? Ok. Abortion is murder. Capitalism. Fauci stinks. 

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2. You’re like COVID booster shots. I keep needing more of you. 

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1. President Biden and I both need kneepads. He falls off bikes and I’m falling in love. 

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Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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