The woman in Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”


Brett Young seems to be making waves in country music this year. He’s got a couple of music videos out and the one for “In Case You Didn’t Know” is simple, and yet matches the mood and feel of the song really well. Sometimes less is more, right? Anywho, Brett is singing to a girl who doesn’t exist, although when they shot the video, there clearly was a girl on set. She played the part of the “imaginary girlfriend” but who is she in real life?

*Who’s the woman in Brett Young’s “Mercy” video? Find out here*

Well, with the help of (and big thanks to) folks finding this post and commenting, the girl has been identified. Her name is Sara Morgan. Somewhat confirmed in a tweet I sent to @SaraMorgan97

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.53.37 AM

Check the comments below for more info. Then enjoy her performance in Brett’s video for “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

-Out of the Wilderness


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Faith4So this week at work I got reacquainted with the Faith Hill video “Like We Never Loved At All.” She and husband Tim McGraw play the singing duo Jackie and Isaac. Hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since the video was released… yeah, it was 2005! That was before Twitter, before hashtags, before iPhones and iPads, heck it was before everything on TV went hi-def. Anywho, watching it again I noticed Tim signs his name as “Issac” though clearly his character’s name is “Isaac.” Weird, right? Well, Issac, as it turns out, is simply an English variation of Isaac, however why Tim’s character uses the variation we may never know. Faith3Maybe it was a subtle jab at Jackie, since they obviously had broken up before the performace they’re preparing for in the video. Perhaps his insistence on spelling it with 2 s’s instead of 2 a’s began to eat at her over the course of their relationship. Then she noticed he also chewed his food slowly, like a cow and that bothered her. Not to mention his peculiar affection for hats. He’s got a flat one. A cowboy one. A baseball one.

“Just what exactly is he covering up, up there?” she wondered.
Faith5So they broke up. Reuniting for this performance, it took all her strength not to slap Issac right in the face. To slap his silly hat right off his silly head. But still, deep down, she loved him. That’s why (spoiler alert) she doesn’t say “yes” when Moses proposes to her. Hey, if Isaac can change his name, then I can call the old guy Moses. I have rights, too. Check out the video, it really is a good one.

Merry Christmas from Out of the Wilderness!

Too bad they didn’t have cameras thousands of years ago. I would love to see footage from a GoPro mounted to one of the wisemen’s camels! Or Joseph wearing a chesty as he marvels at the newborn baby. Instagram would’ve completely shut down, along with Twitter, for that matter. #innkeeperfail
joseph with chestyjoseph with headmount

Hope you have a super Christmas day filled with laughs, family, and full hearts! To that end, here’s a video I came across that’s full of Christmas magic!

Company Self-Appraisals

A friend of mine told me recently she’s been getting emails that it’s time for self-appraisals at her place of work. She said that no one likes doing them and then she brought up a fantastic point. Why don’t companies give employees a chance to appraise the company’s work? I told her that’ll never happen because they don’t want to hear what people doing the grunt work have to say. Is it too radical for feedback to go upstream? Probably. And anyway, that’s what anonymous Twitter accounts are for.

Happy tweeting!
-Out of the Wilderness

Anonymous guys about to send an anonymous tweet:

Miracles, What Are They Anyway?

After barely making the playoffs, your favorite hockey team wins the Stanley Cup. Not a miracle.

Speeding down the highway in the pouring rain, just missing the jack-knifed semi-truck trailer. Not a miracle.

A man turning water into wine. Miracle.

The word miracle is far too often associated with something that is simply not miraculous. It’s a word that is overused, like a standing ovation during American Idol performances. When the audience stands and cheers after every performance, the honor of a standing ovation is lost. If a miracle is God acting in a situation, then anything that happens naturally is not a miracle. Take the stories from the Bible: Jesus turning water into wine, Moses parting the Red Sea, Lazarus coming out of the grave… these are miracles. Water never turns into wine. The Red Sea never splits in two. Death has never released it’s grip on anyone (up to that point). I’m sorry, the last I checked, a baby being born is not a miracle. Why? Because reproduction is the way humans were designed. It’s what is supposed to happen. It’s natural. It seems miracles occur in specific instances for specific reasons, mostly to make people aware of God’s presence. While there are plenty of other ways to see God- in nature, in people, in the birth of a baby- miracles are extremely rare, and extremely unnatural. The exciting part is when you do witness a true miracle, I have a feeling you won’t be able to keep from giving God a standing ovation. Or at least tweeting about it.