More about “Cold Beer Calling My Name” Jameson Rodgers – locations, ball caps, and more!

Acclaimed country songwriter and upcoming singer/performer Jameson Rodgers stars in the music video for his latest song, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” and he welcomes Luke Combs as his co-star. Check it out then scroll down for more info about this dynamic duo’s video…

The video was directed… by Dustin Haney and as you can clearly see, the video is super wide. This is called “anamorphic” which, for a simple explanation, means you’re getting more video in the field of view (who doesn’t want more of Luke and Jameson, right?) and gives the video a professional, cinematic look. Notice how things in the center are generally in focus and there’s the blurry falloff in the background. Good stuff. Example, the warehouse manager from one of the opening shots of the video.

beautifully shot clip from video

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo stolen from Jameson’s Twitter from the video shoot. Quite a rig they have set up, with the camera positioned just outside the passenger side window.

via Jameson’s Twitter post

Jameson takes his truck… down some curvy and beautiful roads as he makes his way to the first delivery. The river in the background is the Cumberland River, running through and around Nashville, Tennessee.

Smile, you’re on camera… Jameson unloads his delivery at Smiley’s Hilltop Market a bit northwest of Nashville, in Ashland City. Notice the address in the video matches the pic from Google maps.

Left: screen grab from video, Right: Google maps photo

Luke Combs makes his appearance, sporting a “Blue Otter Polarized” ball cap. Luke is a spokesman/endorser/client/fan of (??) of the company, and this particular hat design is available on their website for approx. $30.

My favorite part… of the video is the tracking shots in the market as their unloading their beers. Great work from the crew and outstanding camera operator Tony Reyes.

The guys end their day… by joining up with their buddies at a bonfire where they drink all the beers but should also work on Jameson’s Indeed profile, since he’ll definitely be fired from his day job.

Be sure to follow these guys on on their social channels below!

Jameson Rodgers Twitter and Instagram

Luke Combs Twitter and Instagram

Director Dustin Haney Twitter and Instagram

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