Philadelphia Cream Cheese is for furries? 

Hello there and thanks for checking out my post today. I post every day at 1pm central. Yesterday’s writing was about this great song I heard for the first time a few months ago. But right meow, let’s watch a TV commercial that might be fur-miliar to you. It’s from Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Purr-haps you saw this and wondered like I did… “Umm, what?” There is cat fur EVERYWHERE! Can you imagine having cat allergies and spending an hour in this home? Yikes.

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It turns out the ad wasn’t aimed at furries at all. According to those behind the ad, they were clawing at the multi-sensory experience people have when eating food they enjoy. I guess this cat lady is brought to a soft, safe, non-sneezy place when she eats the cream cheese?

The Music. The soundtrack to this fan-cat-stic commercial is “Take A Look” by Irma Thomas.

It is worth noting that this song also accompanies two other ads in the cream cheese campaign. Here they are…

“Take A Look” was released in 1965. That year, gas was 30¢ per gallon. Muhammed Ali was the boxing champion. I was 13 years away from being born into a body that’s allergic to cats. Lots of other significant things happened that year, check this site for the list.

What do you think about the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials? If you loved the cat themed commercial and wish you had your entire home covered in cat hair, you might be a furry.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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